Unfair Circumstances
Hebrews 2:13 (NLT) ... “I will put my trust in Him,” ...
Unfair circumstances may have happened to you, and they left you with physical or emotional scars. You believe in God and that God loves you, but your scars have you trapped in a victim mentality. You cannot stay that way. God made you to be victorious regardless of what has happened to you, and you can live in the victorious reality if you want to. Ask God to help you let your trust in Him be enough to accept what has happened, and release the experience to the past. Surrender your scars to God so that He may do with them as He will, and depend on Him to help you out of the victim- thinking cycle. You can move on from yesterday’s pain and live in the present and future hope you have in your Heavenly Father. As long as you put your trust in God, you have much to hope for and to look forward to!