Stay On the One Road
Matthew 7:14 (NLT) “...But the gateway to life is very narrow and the road is difficult, and only a few ever find it.”
Living our life in the way that pleases God is a magnet for distractions to try and make us believe that we are missing out on a lot of things. How is it possible to live in this big world with its billions of people, and places to travel, and things to do – and yet feel like the oddball out – because we choose not to hop aboard the crowded wagon? We’re not the ‘oddball out’. We are the ‘called out’, and because of that – we are destined to connect with some wonderful people, make some lasting memories, go to special places, and engage in activities that are wholesome and fun. Don’t fret! We’re going to have some experiences that the world can’t match as long as we’re on the one road of living our life the way that brings Glory to our Father. We are on the direct path that leads to everything we could ever hope for – and more!