God’s Justice For All
Isaiah 61:8 (NLT) “For I, the Lord, love justice. I hate robbery and wrongdoing. I will faithfully reward my people for their suffering and make an everlasting covenant with them.
What God says He will do for His people is good and sound, because He will do exactly what He said He will do. Our faith in God and His Word is not in vain. Man makes pledges of eloquent prose that appeals to the listening ears of those who are seeking inclusive fairness and justice for the peoples of the land. But hidden loopholes continue to surface when the time comes for man to fulfill his declarations. But we don’t have to be concerned with such things when we put our trust in God. God’s protective Word warns us ‘not to put our confidence in powerful people, because there is no help for us there’ (Psalms 146:3). We are wise, and we are blessed to look to God for His justice for all people. God will not let us down.