One Indisputable Thing
Acts 2:44 (NLT) And all believers met together in one place and shared everything they had.
The full corporate body of the church can be somewhat intimidating for those who are newcomers to the body of Christ. The thought of connecting with fellow members, becoming acclimated to the church environment, and studying Gods Word while gaining a closer relationship with Him is enough to make one want to consider dropping out instead of drawing into the place where God has called them. There’s an answer for such concerns, and we call it ‘small groups’. Small group classes within the church create an environment that allows members to get to know each other while they learn and grow in Christ – together. Small group classes make it easier for members to eventually matriculate into connecting with the whole body of the church over time. Most of all - as we learn about the things we have in common – we bond closer together over one indisputable thing. That is, our faith in God. Amen.