The Greater Things
Genesis 49:25 (NLT) “...May the God of your father help you; may the Almighty bless you with the blessings of the heavens above, and the blessings of the watery depths below,...”
Humans have invented products that have made our way of living convenient, comfortable, and flexible. Many of these inventions are great things, and we appreciate them. However, the purpose of most of these inventions is derived from the greater things created by God. Here is an example: Likened to the sun at day and the moon at night - a lamp provides light anywhere and at any time – that is - as long as it has a power source. However, the sun gives light by the power of God. Even when the sky is cloudy, the sun commands the day and provides vitamin D for our health, stimulates the nutrients of the earth to grow vegetation, and a multiplicity of other universal activities that occur as it shines. At night the moon shines its light to keep the ocean currents within their boundaries. Mutually - the sun and the moon maintain a gravitational pull to keep the galaxies, planets, and stars in place in the universe. God is our never-ending powers source. While we appreciate the resources made by man, let’s be grateful for the Source of the original things in life, and be grateful for them.