Hold Out For The Morning
Psalm 30:5b (NLT) Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning.

If you’ve ever had a disappointment that was hard to accept, or had a decision to make that would cause uncomfortable changes in your life, or perhaps a situation where you and someone you care for deeply had to part ways because of a difficult hurdle you couldn’t get over – then you can probably relate to feeling like a chunk of your spiritual joy and momentum had been torn away from you. No matter how much time may have passed, the place in your heart where the tear happened is still tender. It still aches. It still lets you know that you’re still in need of a healing – acceptance, courage – forgiveness and restoration. I beg of you to give whatever it is that has you in spiritual pain to God daily, and then hold out for the morning! Way back when your pain first began, He already had the date set for it to come to an end. Don’t succumb to it. Confidently give your cares to your Loving Father, and then let your faith and expectation in Him carry you – however long - through the period of uncertainty. I can promise that just when you think you can’t go another day - if you hold out for the morning – God will deliver to you a miracle to you, and He’ll restore the energetic joy you’ve been missing!