Oh come, let us sing to the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation!

PSALM 95:1

Minister of Music - Dr. T. Marshall Jones
The Music Ministry exists for the purpose of singing praises to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to minister and inspire the congregation through songs of Zion and to complement the Pastor's message, at all regular services.

Additionally, the Ministry renders music outside of the church, per the request of the Pastor and other ministries as deemed appropriate.  The Music Ministry participates in workshops, conducts workshops of mutual interests, invites guest artists from time to time to complement the workshop services, visits nursing homes and sings for the sick and shut-in and maintain involvement in the best interest of the new church sanctuary.

The Ministry also plans annual social/fellowship activities, Christmas Carolling in the community, provides gifts for the musicians and directors, provides gifts to the needy, contributions to charity and renders appropriate expressions for the sick and condolences for the deceased.  Additionally, the Ministry maintains prayer partners, and is available for problem sharing/counseling, if and/or wherever the need arises.
Cherub Choir
Yvonne Sherman
Brittany Hardman
The E. James Grant Cherub Choir renders special music during the 10:15 a.m. services every second Sunday.  The Choir is comprised of young children ranging in ages from 4 to 8.  The Leadership of the choir consists of a Director and Parental volunteers.

Voices of Zion
Pastor Brian Jones
Reverend Brian Jones
 The Youth Choir’s mission is to teach our children about giving individual and collective praise to God through song. The Youth Choir is designed to promote high self-esteem by encouraging individual participation and leadership skills.
Dr. T. Marshall Jones
T. Marshall Jones
The Senior Choir of Mt. Zion Baptist Church is designed to effectively minister to God’s people through the medium of religious music and to win souls to Christ through songs.  The Senior Choir renders various types of songs to include Gospel, Anthems, Hymns and Negro Spirituals while supporting the ministry and vision of our Pastor.
Pastor Brian Jones
Reverend Brian Jones
 The Voices of Zion renders song selections to both inspire and uplift the worshippers at Mt. Zion on 2nd Sundays.  This ministry is designed to enhance the worship experience by glorifying God and by edifying the body of Christ through Praise and Worship.
Sister Patrica King
Patricia King
 The Mount Zion Praise Team ministry facilitates worship each week.  It is comprised of a small group of servant-leaders who create an atmosphere to usher the congregation into the presence of the Lord with exciting Praise & Worship.  Our hearts desire is to worship him in sprit and in truth. We are reaching the world through Christ with singing!
Minister Alonzo Maddox
Alonzo Maddox
The Male Chorus exist for the purpose of singing praises to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; to minister and inspire the congregation through songs of Zion and to complement the Pastor’s message at all regular services.  Additionally, the ministry renders music outside of the church, per the request of the Pastor and other agencies as deemed appropriate.  This ministry also embraces the Church’s Mission of “Reaching the World for Christ through Evangelism, Discipleship, Fellowship and Mission.”  This ministry sings 3rd Sundays at 8:00a.m.
Youth Praise Team
Dr. Charles King, Jr.
Charles King, Jr.
The Youth Praise Team consist of high school age youth who lead praise and worship on 3rd Sundays.  This ministry helps to train the youth to lead worship and use their God-given talents to bless the congregation.

Fellowship Choir
Minister Alonzo Maddox
Reverend Alonzo Maddox
The Fellowship Choir is comprised of the young adult population of Mt. Zion.  This ministry has a contemporary sound and sings on 4th Sundays at Mt. Zion.
Mass Choir
T. Marshall Jones
T. Marshall Jones
The Mass Choir renders song selections on special occasions at Mt. Zion during the worship service.  This ministry is a combination of all music ministry components and is open to all members of Mt. Zion.  The gospel style of music is arranged by the Musician/Pianists and Director to songs of praise, worship, hymns and anthems.

Choir rehearsal schedule


Cherub Choir  - (4 to 8)
Youth Choir - (9 to 18)
Youth Praise Team - (15-18)
Voices of Zion
Fellowship Choir
Sanctuary Choir


 - Tuesday - 5:30 pm
 - Monday & Thursday before 3rd Sunday - 6:00 pm

- Monday & Thursday before 2nd Sunday - 6:oo pm
- Monday & Thursday before 4th Sunday
- Saturday @ 10:00 am

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