I’m Resting Today
Mark 6:31a (NLT) Then Jesus said, “Let’s go off by ourselves to a quiet place and rest awhile.”
I made up my mind when I woke up this morning that I’m not doing anything today that will cause me to experience stress. I am going to enjoy this day by having a mindset of attentive gratitude. Time can have its way, because I’m not going to busy myself with trying to get so many things done just to have them out of the way. No, I’m starting with my morning stretch, my thoughts of gratitude, the feel of my feet sliding into my slippers, the smell of coffee brewing and the hum of the appliances in the kitchen, the sunrays peeking through the curtains... I’m breathing in and out – sensing the signals my body is sending to my brain. I’m stepping to the rhythm and walking in the motion of the tranquility of my inner peace. These simple moments of life are meant to help me have balance and rest. I’m not doing anything today, and yet I’ll be doing a lot – just by resting. Why don’t you do the same?