Righteous Sunshine
Ecclesiastes 11:7 (NLT) Light is sweet; how pleasant to see a new day dawning.
Good morning, my brothers and sisters! My soul is elated to greet you on this side of Heaven! Look! The sun is shining its excellent brightness upon this new day. No other type of weather can ever prevent the sun from shining its sweet light upon us! It shines behind the clouds that carry the rain, sleet, and snow. For our joy and wellbeing – its light touches our spirit-man, stirring up our gratitude and hope for life. Its light elevates our mind to think about the higher possibilities of life that together – we can bring to fruition! Step into the righteous sunshine! Lift your face to the sky, and get your fill of its warmth. Be grateful for your life and the life of every living thing. Tell God, ‘thank You.’