We’re Tough
Proverbs 12:3 (NLT) Wickedness never brings stability, but the godly have deep roots.
Wherever God sends us on an assignment, we can expect the possibility of some spiritual warfare to show up. Our presence will be a blessing for some and a threat to others. Those who are blessed will embrace us, and those who feel threatened by us will tolerate us until they find a way to make us want to go back to wherever it is we came from. (Sidenote: Notice I said, ‘those who feel threatened’. When God sends His children on assignments, He’s not sending us to be a threat to anyone. Those who feel threatened are usually a threat to themselves. God doesn’t do threats. Our God handles his business, and His business is for the good of all!) Anywho... Almighty God – He plants us where He wants us to be, and until He says otherwise – that’s where we are to stay. Therefore, when we pick up on vibes that are trying to turn us away or even make us turn on ourselves and renounce the appointment God has given to us – let’s straighten our backs and look to the One Who can never be uprooted. We’re attached to the Vine of Christ. That means our roots are deep, and we’re tough.