Colossians 1:16c (NLT) Everything was created through him and for him.
Everything belongs to God. The more we allow this thought to sink in, the more we can realize how small and powerless we are. Our Great-Omnipotent-Divine Father in Heaven owns everything, and all of what He owns is important to Him. He created you and me, and He owns us. Of all that belongs to Him, we’re the most important to Him. I wonder how important God is to ‘us’? You know, God isn’t like a manufacturer. A manufacturer mass produces volumes of a product so that people all over the world can have some. But God created only one ‘you’ and only one ‘me’ for only Him to have for Himself. From our conception in the womb to our committal in the earth – in life, death, and Eternity – GOD loves you and me the most. He always has, and He always will. Because we love God, let’s love like God. Let’s love each other, because there will never be - another one of us - to love.