September’s Charm
Psalm 104:19 (NLT) You made the moon to mark the seasons, and the sun knows when to set.
Humanity’s negligence has failed to protect and respect the atmospheric and environmental balances of the earth’s global climate. We have abused nature’s ebb and flow.  We’ve stripped, stressed, and confused it. We know this to be true. The catastrophic storms and the extreme heat occurring worldwide are evidence of the earth’s decline in natural balances. And yet – hope still abounds. Though the seasons run into one another – each often lingering beyond its expected timeframe – the distinctive arrival of a season’s turn can be felt by one’s spirit. A slight brisk of coolness in the early morning. A shift in the sunlight’s luster. The airy sound of tranquility, and that first leaf that dares to show its brilliant fall color. What are these things? They are - September’s charm.