Grand Glory (National Grandparents Day)
Psalms 92:14 (NLT) Even in old age they will still produce fruit; they will remain vital and green.
Grandparents certainly do produce fruit in their senior years, and it comes forth from their parental experiences and their abounding love! The basic things, the little things, the simple things – all of the essential things that help to nurture and develop the spirit of their grandchildren – Papa and Grandmama are the experts! And rightly so because they worked hard at honing their parenting skills while raising their own children. After putting in years of love and prayers accompanied with trials and errors – grandparents acquired wisdom about the brevity of time and how to enjoy the intricate stages of a child’s development. Hence, they are honored and blessed to have grandchildren. They are a ‘grand glory’ in the family unit. In their old age, God continues to be a blessing to and through grandparents!