We Got It, But We Don’t Get It ...Yet!
Jeremiah 17:7 (NLT) “But blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence.”
We’ve got God’s Promises, but we’re not yet living in the fullness of them. Why is that? Maybe we’re just accustomed to rehearsing the Good Word that is engrained in our mind – but then we block the Good Word from incorporating itself into our spirit! Ouch! We do what we do best – that is, we hold God’s Word up in deliberations! Ouchy – ouch- ouch!!! This is why there’s no God-size, miraculous activities taking place within our personal and corporate lives! Faith without ‘active and believing’ works is dead! We got it, but we don’t get it...yet! Our God is a patient God, but we can’t expect Him to wait on us forever until we stop suppressing our spiritual power with our intellectual ‘buts’! Ouch!