Greedy Deception
Genesis 3:6 (NLT) The woman was convinced. She saw..., and she wanted...
Remember having an adult say to you, “What did I tell you?” right after you’d done just the opposite of what you were instructed to do? You understood from the start, but you preferred to do what you wanted to. That’s what greed and deception does – it illudes you to have more belief in what you want – giving your desire more authority over you - rather than the authority that holds your best interest at heart. Thanks to Adam and Eve – by way of the serpent - their greedy deception costs humanity a tranquil life. If they had only done what God instructed. One thing’s for sure – they couldn’t blame the fruit on the tree – could they? Is there anything you can think of that has you feeling greedy enough to be deceptive in how you acquire it? Before you deceive yourself, see what the Lord would have you do. Obey His authority, and avoid a consequence you’ll only have yourself to blame for.