Welcome Fall!
Isaiah 43:19a (NLT) For I am about to do something new.
The new seasonal items look beautiful when they are placed on store shelves – but nothing can compare to the magnificent way God adorns nature! Colors burst and blaze throughout the earth’s vegetations. The sunlight makes a shift, and the air takes on a welcomed nippiness in the early morning and late evening hours. Summer bids us its ‘goodbye’, and fall begins to strike up its festivities. Nature refreshes us and reminds us that there is splendor in everything that surrounds us. There is also splendor within us that we bring out when we welcome the ever changing seasons of our life. Embrace the painting bush of the Great Artist – our Creator! See what beautiful changes He has in mind for you. Keep your life vibrant and bold! Don’t take anything for granted in your life. Be open to changes, and become your most beautiful self!