Guilt Ridden
Psalm 90:8 (NLT) You spread out our sins before you – our secret sins – and you see them all.

God doesn’t harass us about the sins we commit. Love doesn’t do that, and God is – LOVE. He sees our sins, especially the sins we convince ourselves to believe they are secrets. Secrets don’t exist where God is concerned. They are simply our way of denying the fact that we’ve sinned. We ignore the truth that God was right there with us when we sinned. When we ignore truth, we ignore God. That emotional current that makes us feel bad about ourselves comes from the guilt that rides our spiritual being. We know right from wrong, yet we make choices that disappoint God. But if our love for God is right standing, we can decide to quit sin before it has a chance to draw us in. Doing what pleases God regardless of how our circumstances make us feel is the ultimate way to keep ourselves from feeling guilt ridden. Can I get an ‘Amen’?