Family Legacy
Joshua 24:15d (NLT) …But as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.
God makes no mistakes. Everything He does is intentional. You were not born to the wrong family or in the wrong set of circumstances. Your birth and all that it entails is God’s choice. Whether you come from a Christian family or a family of hellraisers, or even if you were left at an adoption center…. you are alive in the earth because you are in the lineage of God’s family! The circumstances of your birth – normal or abnormal – is a part of your purpose. You don’t know all the details or the reasons why, but God does. The conditions of your timely arrival are inferior to the gift God has placed within you. Yes! God sent you here with something special in mind that will serve His Kingdom purpose! Therefore, regardless of how your life story began – what matters most is that you understand that your family legacy is a part of the connection between God’s Kingdom ‘in earth as it is in Heaven.’ Praise the Lord!