The Good Fight

“If you see a good fight, get in it.” 
Vernon Johns (1892-1965) American Minister, Civil Rights Activist

Every fight doesn’t qualify as a good fight. A good fight holds the potential to produce a good thing for those persons directly and indirectly involved. Even after a good fight has been fought and won, we must stay vigilant to prevent the undoing of its benefits. We need to stay engaged with our responsibilities to the cause. Otherwise, we risk losing all that we’ve fought for. We are in a major fight every day. It is the fight to help souls be saved by leading people to Jesus. This is the Good Fight for Eternity. And even though our victory has already been won, there is a harvest of souls that still needs to be fertilized with the Good News. Are you up for this fight? Then get in it, and let’s help win souls to Christ! 1 Timothy 6:12 (NLT) Fight the good fight for the true faith. Hold tightly to the eternal life to which God has called you, which you have confessed so well before many witnesses.