Standing Appointment
Matthew 18:20 (ESV) For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.

A sign is posted in the most prominent place at the doctor’s office. It’s message reads: If you are late for your appointment or if you miss your appointment altogether, there will be a nonrefundable charge of $$ that you must pay before you can reschedule. Unless we have evidence that a legitimate matter out of our control prevented us from showing up – we’ll pay the extra charge in order to see our doctor. Hmm…so is there a penalty for missing our appointments to spend time with God? Yes. The penalty is that we make life extremely difficult for ourselves. God wakes us up each morning so that He can spend time with us before we set out to do anything else. But we disappoint Him with our absence. Time spent with God is a standing appointment that makes all the difference in being able to live life in sync with Him. Hey…what are you going to do first thing this morning?