Humble Capacity
1 Peter 5:6 (NLT) So humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time he will lift you up in honor.

God loves a cheerful giver, and He loves the humble and faithful service of His people. There is majestic greatness in the works of those who go unnoticed for what they do everyday out of their sheer joy in serving the Lord. Nothing else is mixed in with their intentions to serve other than to lift up the Glory of God. In thinking about what you do to serve the Lord, are you joyful when you do it? Do you desire to share God’s love with other people? If your answers to both questions are ‘yes’, then your humble capacity beholds Kingdom character, and God will bless you for it! You already know this, and you can testify that even after God pours out His blessings on you – your humility prevents worldly fanfare from stealing God’s spotlight in your life. Your humble capacity causes the angels in Heaven to say, “We salute the Christ in you!” You can expect God to lift you up in honor, because you live your life to honor Him.