Smiling Eyes
Proverbs 15:30a (NLT) A cheerful look brings joy to the heart, …

For a while, face masks made it a challenge to first - recognize people, and second – to determine whether or not they were smiling. Without the cue of a hug or the familiar lilt in a person’s voice it was legitimately hard to tell if there was any happiness emanating from anyone. Trust me, it is especially hard to tell when your view is from the pulpit of an altar. But whoever originated the quote - “The eyes are the window to the soul” – is right. Over time, it has become easy for me to see smiles in the eyes of people. I can tell there is a light shining in the lighthouse of their souls. I’m so glad about that. We should vow to never-ever let anything rob us of the smile of God’s Presence in our hearts and in our lives. A mask can provide protection, and it can conceal many things. But the light of God’s Spirit within us is too powerful to conceal. I see you! I see you! Your smiling eyes compliment your masks beautifully! Let the glory of God’s Goodness shine forth in your life!