The Tell All
Mark 12:31 (ESV) “…You shall love your neighbor as yourself. There is no other commandment greater than these.”
I’ve had many conversations with different people that concluded with me not really knowing anything about them. I could repeat an account of most of their accolades and such, and that is all. But I’ve also had memorable conversations with people who connected with me and shared the sparkle of life. You know that sparkle – those things you mutually have in common and things you enjoy learning about one another! Such people are in awe of life and everyone’s unique existence. Whether we see each other frequently or not for an extended period of time, our encounters and conversations pick up where they left off. We become consumed with Jesus joy as we fellowship in kindred spirit! This, my brothers and sisters, is the ‘tell all’ of how much genuine love a person has for their fellow man. You won’t experience it in a sounding board conversation that shines light on what is gained. Rather, it is in the communal engagement of life’s adventures that always lead us to love others as we love ourselves.