Family Companion
Psalm 145:9(NLT) The Lord is good to everyone. He showers compassion on all his creation.
Not everyone is keen to the idea of owning a pet. But for those of us who do own pets, there’s something divinely special about receiving such unconditional love from our family companion! Pets just see the best in us. They’re sensitive to our moods, and their steadfast presence assures us of how much they care when we’re sick or we’re having a tough day. They are loving, dependable, and protective. Which leads me to ask this question: Why do people let their intellect get in the way of expressing such love towards each other? If we can perceive God’s compassion for us through the family pet and reciprocate the same to our little friend, aren’t we more than capable of doing the same with each other? Hmmm…sometimes I wonder if our pets say to themselves, “What would these folks do without us? They talk pretty smart, but they act really…duhhh!” It’s something for us humans to think about!