Psalm 34:19 (NLT) The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time.

Turn Off of Easy Street
You know how you have a dream to do certain things a certain way so that one day you can live life on Easy Street? Save yourself the frustration of doing that on this side of Heaven, and take great appreciation in the moments and seasons of joy and good times that come and go throughout your lifetime. Why? Because Easy Street is a trick and a trap to get your eyes off the real prize – living in the Kingdom of God in perpetual happiness! Get in your car (or on your bicycle), go to the corner, and make a right turn off of Easy Street and onto Affliction Road. Now you are in the reality of living. Don’t fret. Just look at it as the life gym for spiritual training. Everything you go through will make you stronger by and by. It’s necessary to benefit you for the bigger plan God is preparing. It is a living guarantee that by putting your dreams in the Hands of God, He will produce a reality far greater than you could ever think of!