Matthew 12:13(NIV) Then he [Jesus] said to the man, “Stretch out your hand.” So he stretched it out and it was completely restored, just as sound as the other.

Stretch Out Your Faith
Everything we learn about the Lord in our relationship with Him isn’t meant for us to keep to ourselves. He doesn’t equip us with Godly wisdom so that we can become self-contained Christians. We have to regularly check ourselves on how much ‘I’ we are holding on to versus the ‘we’ we are supposed to be connecting to. In the body of Christ, we must stretch out our faith so we can stay connected to each other and work together to connect more people into His body. By faith, we lean into what we believe in Christ more than what we are offered by the world. We stretch our faith to obey what God instructs us to do. That means stepping out of our comfort zones to do as much as is required – whether we want to or not. Stretching our faith helps to keep us limber and ready to do the Lord’s will at any moment, and it manifests completeness to plans only God can best orchestrate. May we never be satisfied having just enough faith for ourselves. Let’s stretch it out in service to God and people so the body of Christ may grow in its fullness to the Glory of God.