Matthew 10:22(NLT) “…And all nations will hate you because you are my followers. But everyone who endures to the end will be saved.”

The Believer’s Burdens
Yes, God knows the burdens you bear as you go about your Kingdom service in the world. There are those times when you attempt to share encouraging Good News, but everything you say is met with negative responses. You want to lead your kinfolk to the Lord, but they distance themselves from you and criticize you behind your back. You meditate and fellowship with Jesus, only to have an encounter with someone who wants to weigh you down with their emptiness. These are only a few of the burdens a believer must bear. Burdens are discouraging, draining, and heavy to bear. But they are no different than what Jesus dealt with when He came to earth the first time. Though our service may sometimes feel like it is all in vain, Jesus assures us that it isn’t, and we’re going to be alright. There are actually more moments that we make a difference in peoples’ lives than we realize. So, be encouraged! For every burden a believer bears in the Name of Jesus, God refreshes us so that we may continue on our mission – until His Kingdom comes!