Jeremiah 33:3(NLT) Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come.

Awaken Us, Lord!
Sometimes we have to be reminded about things we already know but may forget. It can be hard to retain information that we don’t use. This is the case with our knowledge of the Word of God. Memorization and recitation are good things to do, but they may not always be enough to keep us encouraged when we’re being attacked on the battlefield. Even the best of dedicated believers comes to a place in their mission where their faith needs to be restored. We need God to breathe new life into us when we’ve exhausted our spiritual energy. We need revival. Awaken us, Lord, to the endless truth, hope, love, and life we have in Your Word. Give us a deeper awareness and understanding of Your plans for us. Renew and restore our heart and mind so we may continue gathering the harvest of your fields. Lord, awaken us with revival!