Psalm 145:13b(NLT) The Lord keeps his promises; he is gracious in all he does.

Promise Keeper
I’ve learned that a ‘no’ from God is just as much a blessing as the ‘yes’ I’d prefer to have Him say to me. I don’t have anything to complain about when I know His every decision about me is to bless me and not to cause me harm. That’s why I find myself getting extra happy when I’ve asked God for one of His promises. When I follow up with Him after some time has passed, and His answer to me is ‘not yet’, I realize that the His promise is still on its way, and He’ll deliver it to me at just the right time so I can reap the fullest blessing from it. There are some promises I’ve been waiting for that are years old now. His answer is still the same, but His Word is also the same. God is a Promise Keeper, and He knows the perfect season to bring forth the fruit of my request. I appreciate all the time He takes to get me ready to receive what He has for me. It’s all for my good and for His Glory. God is worth the wait…and I don’t mind waiting. How about you?