Get Out of Your Own Head
(Proverbs 15:22/NIV) Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.

Some of the best ideas often fall short of their greatest potential because they are limited within the perspective of one individual. This type of thinking can be referred to as ‘island thinking’. It can be selfish and non-beneficial to the majority who would benefit not only from the idea, but also by being an engaged participant with the idea. If you are a person whom God touches with an idea, but instead of talking it through with others - you carry it out within the limited space of your thoughts – get out of your own head! Just how do I suggest you do that? I’m so glad you asked. Consider your motive. If you only do what satisfies you, there will be limited results and limited appreciation from a limited audience of one – you. But if you want the gift your idea possesses to make a positive impact for whatever God has purposed it, then you’ll want to engage others in the process so it can be brought to its fruition most effectively. The greatness of any idea can be found in the collaboration of others who help make all the pieces fit together for a wholesome outcome.





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