Did You Skip Your ‘Break-fast’?
(Matthew 6:11/NIV) “Give us today our daily bread.”

Good morning! It’s time for breakfast! You do know that breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, don’t you? Who in their right mind would ‘break a fast’ by skipping the primary meal at the very start of the day? Believe it or not, a whole heap…no, a whole ka-bangle bunch of people do!!! I’m even guilty of doing it from time to time. Oh, I have my oatmeal or pancakes, or bacon and eggs before I leave home in the morning. But that is not the breakfast that most of us are skipping. No! The ‘break-fast’ I’m referring to is prayer and scripture time with the Lord! Yes! Just think about it. We slept and slumbered through the night, protected by the Heavenly angels assigned to watch over us. Then God awakens us to a new day. We’ve fasted all night, and only He knows what lies ahead of us as the day progresses. Coffee, oatmeal, grits, toast…none of that stuff can equip our spirit with the fuel we will need to maneuver through the spiritual warfare that will try us! The most important meal of  each day starts with prayer and scripture time with the Lord. We need that soul food in the morning! When we refresh ourselves with the manna of the word – our spirit receives all the nutrients it needs for the day. Follow that up with food to nourish our body – and we’re set to go about our Kingdom service – equipped to handle ourselves in matters seen and unseen. I hope you’ll reconsider ever skipping breakfast again from this day forward. Always remember that prayer and scripture time with the Lord is – THE BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS!!!





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