Wisdom Nugget
(Proverbs 3:6/NIV) …in all your ways submit to him [the Lord], and he will make your paths straight.

When we obey God in the little things we do and we discipline ourselves to pause long enough to exchange our urgencies for His calm stillness – we will feel the power we have in Him. What is that power? That power is peace, joy, clarity and simplicity. No strings attached to this nugget! We can stash it in our heart and be wise for the rest of our life! But for those of us who like the stress, frustration, confusion, and difficulty that come along with our urgencies to make things happen ‘right now’ – why do we put ourselves through that when we’re going to have to obey God anyway? Some of us ride the short bus for only a few miles, while the rest of us seem to ride it for a lifetime! I suggest we use the truth we gain from our wisdom nugget on a regular basis so we can tap into the power we have to handle the affairs of life instead of letting the affairs of life handle us.  





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