Memorial Day (Honoring Military Men and Women Who Died In Service To Our Country)

(John 15:13 NIV) Greater love has no man than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

For those of us who have never lived in a land where war has taken place or the threat of it existed, or if we haven’t suffered the loss of a loved one due to war - we may be detached from the significance of Memorial Day. If it were not for the men and women who make the choice to serve and defend our country, life in America would be different for us. Many brave souls made the choice to serve while knowing the risk of losing their lives was possible. Their selfless sacrifice exemplifies their belief in something so much greater than the obvious, and that they were willing to die for it. Isn’t that what Jesus did for the world? Yes, that’s exactly what Jesus did. Today, as we celebrate Memorial day in our various ways, we pause to give honor to God, our fallen soldiers, and their families. May God bless the generation of lives who are reaping the benefits of our brave heroes who laid down their lives for their friends.





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