Are You Making Progress?
(Luke 12:40 NIV) “…You also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.”

Looking, thinking, and wishing won’t make what needs to happen get done. You know you have some things you want to do, but you also have some things you really need to do. Stop procrastinating! Chill out with the excuses, and stop busying yourself with aside matters. You can get things done in little time when you make up your mind and just get to it. Positive thinking and positive actions produce accomplishments. It’s that kind of mindset we especially need to have as we apply Kingdom principles to our daily living. Are you making progress in the things that matter most to you…to God? Hey…first things first, okay? Get up, get going, and make life happen!
Jesus, You are the inspiration we need to keep us progressing in the things of life that matter most for the Kingdom. Thank You for the prompting of the Holy Spirit within us to keep first things first. Amen.





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