Blessed Is She
(Luke 1:45 NIV) “Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!”

Mama is the portal passageway through which God transfers an infant soul from Heaven and into the world. From her physical womb, a child is born into her life, and God provides everything she needs to care for and nurture the new life. From the womb of her heart, children are received from circumstances beyond their control, and God provides them a Mama to care for and nurture their lives. Blessed is she who trusts in the Lord to provide her with children. She forever sees her children as the eternal promise God gave to her. Mama forever carries her children in her heart and undergirds their lives with her wisdom and faith-filled prayers. Blessed are the children to have such a loving God Who favors them with the love of a mother. She’s our favorite girl in the whole wide world, and we’ll always love and appreciate her dearly.
Happy Mother’s Day to the blessed women in our lives whom we lovingly call ‘Mother’.





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