Rejoice in Your Breakthrough!
(1 Peter 5:6) Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.

Antwon did his usual best on the task his boss assigned him. He was to create spreadsheets that showed a breakdown of the company’s financial history. His boss would use them in a presentation to the corporate board members in hopes of acquiring more financial support. Without being asked, Antwon threw in a ‘breakdown’ of the breakdown to show how accurate the company’s calculation process works. The presentation was a success, and as a result of Antwon’s work – the corporate president asked for his boss’s permission to offer the creator of the spreadsheet a job that paid a 6-figure salary! With his boss’s blessings, Antwon accepted the offer. When his co-workers found out, Antwon was disappointed at the resentment and contemptuous reactions he faced. But he rejoiced all the same, because he knew his breakthrough was solely orchestrated by the will of God, and nothing could hold him back! Listen, you’ve got some breakthroughs coming your way, so don’t get caught up in the mundane. When God opens His hands to you, count it all joy and rejoice! Realize that your name has been on your blessing all along!





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