The Lion of Judah
(1 Peter 5:8) Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaming lion looking for someone to devour.

Pay attention to the next time you catch yourself saying, “The devil is busy.” Whatever you do, don’t let that be all you say, because those four words give the adversary an acknowledgement that he wants. To him, it sounds like we are saying, “Oh, oh. I better lay low so the devil will leave me alone.” But that is as much of a lie as the devil is a liar himself. The moment you recognize the works of the enemy, let the Lion of Judah inside of you roar at him. Speak the powerful Words of scripture that are locked, loaded, and in your heart – ready at your disposal during times of battle. Roar out what Jesus says about you and His will for your life! Rebuke the enemy, and watch his prowl turn into a scamper and his roar turn into a cat’s ‘meow’!





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