Cue from the Birds
(Psalm 104:12) The birds of the sky nest by the waters; they sing among the branches.

I got up and opened my kitchen door to hear my neighborhood wake up from the quiet stillness of early morning. I ended up listening to a concert of glory! Birds were chirping, peeping, squawking, and chanting throughout the trees in the surrounding yards. The melodious variation of sounds was lifting glorious praises to the Lord! I imagine that’s how it will be when we get to Heaven, and Jesus is making His morning rounds! We’ll be singing, clapping, and making a joyful noise unto Him. The birds do this every morning, and I hear them throughout the day and into the night. Even the owls serenade the Lord with their ‘Whoo-whoo’! I’m taking my cue from the birds. Before I let them outdo me, I’m going to lift my praise to the Lord for myself every day and throughout each day! What about you?