Devoted to What Lasts
(Isaiah 40:8) The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the Word of our God endures forever.

What sense is there in being devoted to anything when we know that nothing and no one in the earth will last? That’s a great question! To answer it, we must examine the purpose we give our devotion to certain people, places, and things in the first place. A spiritual microscope reveals that sometimes there are clusters of toxins behind our devotion to many things. It’s not uncommon, but it means we are misguided, or we have ulterior motives. You see, our devotion must not be offered to people or platforms for selfish gain. Nothing about that rests in truth. When our spirit is free of toxic clusters, and we offer our support in the purest form of truth and love – then, and only then – is it genuine. Genuine devotion is rooted in God’s love, and everything connected to God lasts forever. So, it actually does make sense to be devoted to whoever, whatever, and wherever we can manifest the Word of God in the world, because our devotion to God’s Word will forever remain.