“You’re either part of the solution or you’re part of the problem.”

Eldridge Cleaver (African American writer, political activist, early leader of the Black Panther Party) 1935-1998

Solution Service
(1 John 3:17) If anyone has material possessions and sees a brother or sister in need but has no pity on them, how can the love of God be in that person?
Action clearly speaks louder than words, but what are our actions really saying to those who need our help? It depends on what flows from our heart. Our actions can say, “My brother/my sister, I want to help you. I care about your well-being.” Or our actions can say, “Here, take this. You need to get your life together so God will bless you.” The former action demonstrates love, whereas the latter action does not. In our working to reach the world for Jesus Christ, we must make certain we are serving with hearts full of genuine agape love. We serve to be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem.