(John 15:23) “Anyone who hates me also hates my Father.”

Don’t doubt that God isn’t paying attention when you observe someone getting away with sin, and yet He always seems to be cutting away at something about you. Why is that? You are in a position where you choose to do right instead of wrong, but the bad attitude you have from observing someone else’s behavior is in the way of your continued growth in God. Snip, snip. Did you ever consider that you may be misunderstanding what you see the other person doing? Remember, unless you have walked in the other person’s shoes, you don’t really know their story (but Jesus does). Hmmm…left unattended, that could be a sign that you are thinking too highly of yourself. Snip-snippety -snip!!! If you want to be the best vessel you can be in service to Jesus, you’d better expect, accept, and appreciate the fact that God is going to continually prune away any unnecessary parts of you that would hinder the beauty of His Nature from channeling through the available vessel of – you.