Someone Besides Ourselves
(Philippians 2:4) ...not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.
The moment we start to complain, we need to catch ourselves and consider the size of our God and all the things we can do by the power of His grace. We need to hush and be grateful. No matter what it is that triggers us to think and speak in the negative tense - can we even see it when we put it beside our Father? Is our complaint more important than a woman who has no feet, but her smile makes us feel taller than we are? Is our complaint as important as a blind man who greets us by name and offers us a compliment or a word of encouragement each time we cross his path? Is it as important as children who endure the suffering of chemo treatments and yet prevail with bright eyes and smiles of hope that say 'life is worth living’? When we consider the challenges of someone besides ourselves and we see in them a life that is lived with gratitude - we see the best of who God created them to be. When we let gratitude have its way in our attitude, we show the world the best of who we are created to be. That's a far better reflection of our Creator, don’t you think?

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