A Baby Is Coming!
…the time came for the baby to be born,… --- Luke 2:6b

It's Christmas Eve! Aren't you excited? No?!? Well, you should be! A special event happened over two thousand years ago, and its everlasting Good News gets greater and greater as each year passes! A baby is coming, a baby is coming! And this baby is coming as a gift to the entire world! This tiny little package beholds all of the majesty of Heaven that will be shared with everyone. Whether you've been naughty or nice this year, you can go to sleep tonight knowing that there will definitely be a gift awaiting you tomorrow morning! Don't worry - the baby that is on the way will be a gamechanger unlike anything you have ever experienced! Just think - this baby will behold light that is brighter than all the shining stars in the sky! This baby will be our reason to celebrate love, hope, and faith every day. This baby will grow up and save us from our sins and give us salvation! This precious and darling child..will reconcile us with our Father in Heaven! Halleluiah! Are you excited now? That's more like it! Before you go to bed tonight…
Don't forget to say your prayers, and to God give all your cares.
Hear the bells of Heaven ringing! There's Good News: "A baby is coming!"