Prayer By Candlelight
You, Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light. --- Psalms 18:28

Candles are especially popular items during the Christmas season. They are beautiful and fragrant, and their light creates an ambiance wherever they are placed. A candle's light has a mysterious way of setting a tone of hope, joy, and celebration amid the most decorated or simplistic surroundings. Candlelight also provides a space of comfort, peace, and love that our weary souls can surrender to after a stressful day or for a time of prayer. I often like to light a candle when I am by myself reading scripture and praying, and I have noticed how much more intimate the Lord's Presence is with me. The last time I did this, I decided to read my Bible in one room of my house and then go pray in another room. I took the lit candle in my hand and proceeded to the den where I had not turned on a lamp or the ceiling light. The candle gently illuminated the darkness, and somehow it seemed to welcome in the silent presence of all my loved ones as I prayed. I imagine that the candlelight represented the flame of love within my heart that grew higher by my praise and petitions to God. There is something wonderfully special about praying by candlelight. But don't just take my word for it. Try it for yourself, and experience a closer intimacy and fellowship with God.





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