If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. --- 1John 1:9

Have you fallen down in an area of your life, and the guilt is riding your mind and pressing on your heart? Why are you carrying it around with you? Is your understanding of God's love for you so low that you don't think it's worth your effort to ask for His forgiveness? Oh, I see. You're thinking about that lame promise you made to Him the last time - end the other countless times you messed up - that 'you'd never do it again'. Well, stop telling Him that lie, and that will clear up part of your problem! Who else do you have to turn to Who always sees you with eyes and a heart full of love even if you are bogged down in sin dung? Why won't you believe in His love so much that you choose to obey Him, and spare yourself the consequences of disobedience? Get yourself up, and go to God. Without offering empty promises - ask Him to forgive you, and believe that He will.  Allow God to cleanse your spirit anew. Rededicate your daily walk - your life - to Him, and be steadfast in serving Him. There's no time or reason to waste on feeling bad about yourself. God loves you unconditionally, and He has plans for your life!





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