Before Something Unexpected…
The Lord sustains them on their sickbed and restores them from their bed of illness.   --- Psalms 41:3

It's time to check in with each of you and ask, "How is everyone is doing?" I think I know your overall general answer to the question, but my inquiry goes beyond how well you are managing amid the current environment. You see, while we're holding on, keeping our faith, staying safe, and continuing on with our lives - underneath all of that is a steady current of stress and concern that is unavoidable because of our human condition. And that underlying current - if left unchecked - will cause a discrepancy in the internal mechanics of our breathing, blood flow, heartbeat, digestion, rest, and so on. Without a signal or symptom we can experience a setback in our health while doing all the things we know are healthy for us. But if we are smart - and we are - there are some simple things we can practice that help limit and decrease the subliminal stresses our body and mind incur. Making quiet time to stabilize our thoughts and inner systems through meditation and breathing exercises are two phenomenal ways of releasing stress. Playing games (preferably board or card games versus intense virtual games), playing with children, and laughing are activities that are stress relieving and enjoyable. And of course drinking water, getting physical exercise, monitoring your diet, and getting adequate rest are essential to balancing stress. Let's remember to do these things before something unexpected needs our attention, okay?  I love you, and I care.





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