You keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.  --- Isaiah 26:3

I arrive at your place, and we're on our way to the kitchen table to do some Christmas! With our hot mochas and our laptops in tow, we are ready to spend!!!   You have one simple decision to make - which color glove set you will purchase your sister for Christmas? Before too long, you get frustrated because you like all of the colors and can't make up your mind. So, you get an attitude with your sister...and she doesn't even know you're buying her a gift!  You won't listen to my suggestions, so I sit there and watch you reflect on the past year to decide if you really liked what your sister gave to you last Christmas enough to bother buying her something this year. You begin fretting about the possibility of your sister not liking or not wearing the gloves if you were to purchase them. You say you will be mad if the gloves turn out to be the wrong size. On and on you go spinning yourself into a tizzy until you finally decide to give her a gift card. I'm so glad you chose the gift card, because within a minute of watching you overthink what was really an easy task - I purchased the leather one-size-fits-all parka gloves in orange for your sister. She is my best friend, and I know that orange is her favorite color!
Are you an overthinker? If you are or you know of someone who is - it's time for you to get unstuck in your decision making by understanding you have no control over the past, present, and future. Only God can handle that.  Make wise decisions in a spirit of love, and both you and your loved ones will be blessed for it!