Spiritual Mildew
Do not quench the Spirit. --- 1 Thessalonians 5:19

Anything that doesn't have activity and circulation around it eventually begins to dry out and become a magnet for dust and mildew. For example, a room full of fabric covered chairs that is frequently used for gatherings produces a continuum of air circulation that is beneficial to the fibers of the fabric covering the chair cushions. However, if that same room were to be closed up with no activity or air ventilation, within a period of time mildew would form and overtake the fabric fibers on the chairs and other pliable materials in the room (carpet included), because of the stagnation in air circulation. It can happen in any room. Consider this concept and its effect on the church body, and understand what happens when believers do not put their gifts and talents to use due to selfishness, envy, insecurity, inconvenience, laziness, non commitment, discouragement - you get my drift. When we are not actively using the gifts and talents God specifically placed within us, we create spiritual mildew within the body of Christ that hinders exposure to the light we are to bring in the world. The works we have to do are too great for any one person to be the best at everything. Kingdom work (God's work) through us requires the spiritual gifts of all of His children. Our gifts are not ours to control. If you need to activate or reactivate your gifts and stimulate the spiritual circulation of the body of Christ - get to it - so the works of the church won't risk being hindered by spiritual mildew.