Don't Dumb Down Scripture
What then? Shall we sin because we are not under the law but under grace? By no means! --- Romans 6:15

We have got to be careful that we don't allow our common thoughts or the thoughts of others to twist our understanding of what the scriptures say to us. The wisdom that is written in the Bible is not to be tampered with in writing or orally to make a persuasive argument that justifies our intellect. Sometimes we manipulate our intellect, and it becomes intelligent sin. Do you need a definition? Okay - intelligent sin is the action, thought, behavior, etc. we choose to go with knowing that it is not aligned with God’s will, and yet we cast the blame on God. How's that? Whenever we dumb down what the scriptures say and create a loophole for ourselves, we are telling God He has inadequacies in the laws He set in place for us to abide by. The inadequacies we are referring to are His grace and His mercy. NOT!!! We've got it wrong, Boo and Boobette! God's grace and mercy are what saves us from our sin of trying to use God's Word against Him! Let us humble ourselves and receive the fullness of the Word of the Lord for everything it says so that we may be considered wise. Do not manipulate the Word of God. Amen.