Be Specific
...for, "Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." --- Romans 10:13

I watched a news interview about musician, singer and song writer Christopher Cross. You may be familiar with some of his hit songs like 'Sailing' (1980) and 'The Best That You Can D0 - Arthur's  Theme" (1981).. Christopher and his girlfriend were exposed to COVID-19 while at a concert in Mexico in March of this year. Both became terribly ill and quarantined themselves for three weeks. His girlfriend got better, and Christopher thought he was better, too, until he went on an outing to a store in April. When he returned home, his legs gave out on him. The virus caused his body to contract a rare disease that makes the body's immune system attack the nerves. He became paralyzed and had to be hospitalized in intensive care for ten days. Christopher described his experience as being in a dark place. The interviewer asked him, "What were your thoughts during that time?"  He answered by saying, "You can bet I had a few conversations with...whoever he or she is. I said if you can just get me out of here, I will be a better person." Christopher went on to say that whatever he did - meaning himself - it worked. He got out of the hospital, and he can walk. I was so disappointed at his remarks. I wanted to know who exactly did he have conversations with, and did he ask for a blessing or a deal? Isn't ironic and sad that a man - whose first name has part of our Savior's name, and his last name is the symbol of what Jesus died on for us - can't even say the name of Jesus and give Him credit for lifting his paralysis so that he can now walk again? While I'm grateful that Christopher is doing better, I am leery of who his hope and trust is in. My advice to all believers: Be specific to call on the name of Jesus in all of your experiences, because if you don't - you risk receiving help from a source you'd rather do without. Our Savior's name is Jesus Christ!